Foxstone Winter Series Show Foxstone Winter Series Show The Arrival First thing in the morning - an early departure - hot drinks in hand! 153275630 Turnout Team Getting the ponies shiny and clean. 153275631 Curly Joe & Sarah Sarah gives Curly Joe some soothing words to calm his nerves. 153275632 Sparkling white! Take a look at those white legs and tail now - they won't last long!! 153275633 Warm-up Taryn and Skippin' Tips (Chip) hacking to warm up. 153275634 Pre-Show Consult Posing for pictures and discussing schooling strategy. 153275635 Warm-up Bending, bending. 153275636 Warm-up Working out the kinks. 153275637 Groom & mascot chill time Have to grab your breaks when you can! 153275638 Canter 153275639 Foliage?! Joey checks out the greenery. 153275640 What's the course? Taryn goes over the first course. 153275641 JUMP! On course........Cottonwood Curly Joe! 153275642 JUMP! Cute knees Joey! 153275643 Sarah's shot Nice photo Sarah! Groom and official photographer! 153275644 JUMP! Nice knees Chip! 153275845 Coaches corner Norah and Taryn discuss the course. 153275846 Hey you Chip says, "Can we go home yet??". 153275847 Mascot Bella says, "Somebody play with meeeeee.....!" 153275848 Hacking class Chip shows his stuff. 153275849 End of the day A little snack time for a hard working pony. 153275629