The Seasons at Cottonwood The Seasons at Cottonwood Welcome - spring has sprung! 145255385 Our very own Easter bunny. 145255387 Green, green, everywhere. 145255386 And now the work begins... 145255388 Hay looks dry enough.... 145255395 Bring in those bales! 145255394 Are we done yet? 145255392 Thank goodness for good neighbors! 145255393 Time out for a quick ride. 145255389 Still escaping the hay crew! 145255390 Bring 'em in boys. 145255396 Just a few's getting dark. 145255397 And the last load goes to the barn. 145255398 Now let's pump the water on so we can do it all over again. 145255399 Weather is starting to change. 145255402 A cooler, early morning. 145255401 The leaves are starting to change. 145256237 Some pretty fall colour on our Cottonwoods. 145255403 Our namesake trees. 145256234 Lovely leaves. 145256235 Cottonwoods by the indoor. 145256236 First hard frost of winter. 145256238 Frost on everything. 145256239 Tractor probably won't start in weather this cold. 145256240 145256241 Those beautiful clear winter skies. 145256242 Thankful for the indoor and great footing. 145256243 Walking can be hard in this stuff. 145256244 Watch out for your tongue! 145256245 Somebody has to clear those roads! 145256247 Go golf cart go! 145256248 Snow flakes! 145256249 Pretty frosty trees. 145256250 Pretty frosty pony! 145256251 Just trying out how it tastes. 145256252 Winter at the barn. 145256253